The California Raisin Industry

On approximately 200,000 acres within a 60-mile radius of Fresno, California, 2,000 California Raisin growers produce 100% of U.S. raisins in an area known as the central San Joaquin Valley. Two-thirds of U.S. raisin production is consumed in the U.S. and Canada, while one-third is exported to nearly 50 countries with Asia and Europe being the top two export markets.


Do you know how your raisins get from the vine to you? Find out more about California Raisins, from growing to processing to a quality ingredient and snack!

Taking No Chances with Food Safety

Caring for the California Raisin

Growing and Harvesting the California Raisin

The Versatile California Raisin

Buying & Selling California Raisins

A Nutritious Food for Life

The Life of a Raisin Farmer

A Rich History in the Making